How to plot your own walk

How to plot your own walk

How to plot your own walk

This new feature lets you plot, and annotate, your own specific route on top of our maps.  You may want to plot:

  • A 'themed' walk – e.g. a local nature, architecture, or history walk
  • A running or jogging route – we can help you measure the exact distance
  • The route of a charity walk you are taking part in or organising (you can also list it as an event)
  • A specific A-to-B route that  follows a defined set of streets and paths

How to plot your route

Please note:  to save your plotted route you first need to sign up and/or sign in to mywalkit!


Having clicked on the orange 'Plot' tab on the journey planner at the top left of the page just:

  1. Select your city or town
  2. Enter your start location (postcode, street name or Point of Interest)
  3. Press 'Go'

This will then generate a map centred on the start location of your route.  To plot your route just start clicking on the map – note the blue 'A' and 'B' icons.


Please note that:

  • The map will automatically pan as you near the edgeUndo_last_step
You can 'Undo last step' if you make a mistake
Note how the distance/calories (above) and hill profile (below)
automatically update
  • You can 'Undo last step' if you make a mistake
  • You can click and drag the little black 'nodes' to reposition themStretchy_node
  • The distance/calories (above the map) and hill profile (below the map) automatically update as you plot

You can add annotations to your route by clicking on the orange flags on the left and dragging them into position on the map.  Note that you can also upload photos from Flickr for each annotation.


Once you've finished plotting your route you can:

Complete_route_informationGive it a title

Write a short description

Choose some tags and a theme




Complete your annotations





Add links to other websites


Choose  your sharing options


Click save

Once saved, your route will appear at the top of the Themed walks listing page, where you can search for other routes using the form at the top of the page.

You can instantly find your own routes by doing an 'Author' search using your username.

You can also change your route's sharing status, or delete it altogether.


We hope you find this addition to useful – please do get in touch with us using the feedback form, or on [email protected], if you have any queries or suggestions.


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