What’s nearby on foot? (new!)

What’s nearby on foot? (new!)

What's nearby on foot? (new!)

How far do you think can you reach on foot, within a given time, from your front door?  Or maybe from your place of work or school/college?

Using our 'Nearby' tab, you can now generate a 'walking zone' or 'walking world' around a point, according to a time or distance of your choice.


All you need to do is enter a postcode, and we'll generate an 'isochrone' around it – ie a line on a map joining points of equal time or distance.

Here's an example of where you can reach on foot within 15 minutes' walk of Waterloo Station in London (at a relatively speedy 3.8 mph):


So you can pop over a bridge and get to Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden or Blackfriars Station in the north, almost get to London Bridge in the east, nip down to the Elephant in the south, or watch democracy in action in the Houses of Parliament in the west.  Or just hang out in SE1 and see what it has to offer.

Note to the left we list some points of interest that fall within that zone, including public transport options, schools, parks and postcode sectors.  For example, you can find out walking routes and times to schools, or what property is on the market.


To start using this feature, and create an 'isochrone' around any postcode, just sign up to mywalkit+.

Please get in touch with us on [email protected] if you've got ideas for ways in which we could further develop this feature for your business or organisation's benefit.

Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Drawing the ‘boundary’ of the zone quickly requires some approximations – in ‘joining the dots’, we may have included or excluded some areas at the margins.
  • Your first impression for some parts of the isochrone may be “well, surely that’s not right!”. Before dismissing the result, or contacting us, it might be worth examining in more detail – sometimes road/path configurations mean that places that you’d have thought couldn’t/could be reached, actually can/can’t be.
  • But if we’re missing a connecting footpath link (e.g. a footbridge over a railway), this can distort the results – please let us know if you spot one of these.
  • We can’t guarantee that the Points of Interest (POIs) we list are comprehensive or fully accurate, as we’re often dependent on third party suppliers. Please also note that we may include/exclude a POI depending on its entrance point(s), or centre point.
  • Let us know what other POIs you’d like us to search for within your ‘nearby zone’, and we’ll do our best to accommodate the most interesting and popular requests.

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