Circular walks

Circular walks

Circular walks

You've told us that sometimes it's not quite enough to just walk from A to B. So now if you're exploring on foot, walking for your health or just for the sheer enjoyment of it, you can plan a circular walk from 15 minutes up to 4 hours:

  • Stretch your legs during your lunch hour
  • Discover new routes to walk the dog
  • Get your 30 minutes of exercise a day, wherever you are
  • Going away for the weekend? Explore the city on foot from your hotel

What is a circular walk?

A circular walk is one which starts and ends back in the same place. Like all walks, when you plan a route we will provide you with a map, walking directions and your key journey information.

How to find a circular walk

To generate a circular walk just click on the green 'Circular' tab on the journey planner at the top left of this page. There are three easy steps:

  1. Enter your start point (postcode, street name or place of interest)
  2. Select your time and speed
  3. Press 'Go'

Circular walks

Here are a few examples you might also like to try:

30 minute walk from Glasgow University

30 minute walk from the Custard Factory, Birmingham

1.5 hour walk from Piccadilly Station, Manchester

2.5 hour walk from St Paul's Cathedral, London

Notes on circular walks

  • Like our 'less busy' routes, we try and favour quieter streets and 'off-road' paths when generating circular routes. But unfortunately we can't guarantee to find you a 'nice' walk.
  • Our timings may be out by a few minutes – it's not always possible to get it spot on. We prioritise 'less busy' routes, where we can find them, over hitting precise target times.
  • Longer circular routes may take you out of the town/city limits, in which case the walk may be along roads (where we can't guarantee there are pavements) as we haven't yet captured footpath data in the urban/rural fringes of many of our towns/cities.
  • At the moment you don't have the facility to 'drag' the route in a different direction.

Do give circular walks a try, and let us know what you think.


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