Berghaus Remote 30 Rucksack – A Review


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Berghaus Remote 30 Rucksack - A Review

Posted 30 May 2014 15:38 by martin user Al Chester kindly agreed to review a Berghaus Remote 30 Rucksack of us. Here are his words about the rucksack:

Berghaus Remote II 30 RucksackThe opportunity to review the Berghaus remote 30 arose after seeing a post on Twitter from, never having written a review before but being infamous in the office for volunteering for anything and everything I decided it was an offer I had to go for. Fortunately on that day no one else volunteered and it was duly offered to me.

The arrival of the courier delivering the rucksack was eagerly awaited and on arrival the packaging was ripped away. The rucksack itself was the gorgeous, almost neon, blue version. On exploring it there were pockets and pouches for almost every light walking occasion; walking pole straps, laptop compartment, small netting pouch on the shoulder strap for a MP3 player, more elastic, Velcro and zipped pouches inside both the double zipped compartments. Elastic netting on the sides for water bottles and an elastic snap shut holder for a waterproof jacket or wet clothing. All in all what appeared to be a well thought out mixture of town and country day sack, particularly when compared to the last Berghaus 30 litre day sack I used, a Dart 30, this was light years ahead.

Over the course of a couple of weeks I have managed to put it through 3 seasons, fortunately winter wasnt one of them although it felt as though autumn might lead into it, in both town, London, and country, Berkshire. For those that have had enough of the review and want to get to the punch line, it performed admirably.

In the wet, a very wet weekend walking along the Kennet and Avon canal, the rucksack was drenched. The lightweight material shrugged off the early drizzle and only soaked through when the shower turned to a downpour. The weight did not noticeably increase, it held its shape well and more importantly the ample padding on the straps and back didnt act like a sponge. Subsequently the rucksack dried very quickly over night and was ready for the same again on the Sunday.

On the slightly sunnier days walking from the train station to the office and between offices, in a suit, carrying a laptop and office shoes the rucksack felt so much more comfortable and lighter than the specific office laptop rucksack I was using the week before. The additional padding held the back of the rucksack proud of my back and allowed the air to circulate which I was thankful of on more than one occasion between Westminster and Wapping. The iPod was held securely in the MP3 pouch on the shoulder strap, the waist belt prevented too much swing with the additional load and the fully adjustable chest strap prevented the slightly constricted feeling I sometimes get.

So whilst this sounds wonderfully amazing and on the whole it is the one negative point I would raise is, at 6ft the back is slightly too small for my height and frame. Nothing too dramatic but to wear the rucksack high on my shoulders, where I prefer, the waist belt felt too high and not sitting on the waist supporting the weight where Berghaus intended. Only a slight negative but one that would detract if one was walking a longer route or with more weight.

So would I recommend it, was I happy with it? The answer to both has to be a resounding yes and yes. I would thoroughly recommend the Berghaus Remote 30, it is a wonderfully thought through, technical rucksack. On each occasion I have used it I have been very impressed, Berghaus competitors will have to go a long way to beat this for quality and technical input.

– Al Chester (@LoneScoot)

You can find out detailed specs for the Bergahus Remote II 30 at the Berghaus Store.



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